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Simple and Good Decisions

Travelers’ Imports is a privately owned specialty distribution company. Our purpose is to make available to consumers what we feel to be the finest quality products at affordable prices. We travel the world in search of these products using a painstaking process of evaluation to determine their worth to consumers. We promise to deliver authentic goods that are made with pride and joy. In addition to our worldwide quest for products, we acknowledge our responsibility to contribute to a healthy earth and only sell products that support this goal.

Our policy regarding environmental impact is pro-active.  We make every effort to utilize recycled materials, organic ingredients, and hand labor to greatly reduce our carbon footprint.
Amazing Products-Effective Customer Service-Environmental Awareness

It’s the way we do business.

Customer Service
Here at Travelers’ Imports, we also strongly believe in providing the best customer service possible. We set the bar high on customer service and strive to meet your needs. Given the high level of quality and value of our products we do not anticipate unhappy consumers. However, we stand behind our products 100% and will always do our best to accommodate our customers.

Our Services
Our services also include private labeling and product distribution. We offer everything from marketing analysis, product research and development, to branding solutions, packaging, and distribution. We can also help to locate products and package according to marketing needs. Our experts at Travelers’ Imports will do what it takes to satisfy your needs while meeting our limited requirements. Our requirements are pretty simple; products must have exceptional quality and be reasonably priced.
If you believe that you have a qualifying product, please contact us. We are always seeking new business relationships.