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Travelers Imports has been developing branded and private label consumer packaged goods since 2010.We are a true complete product management solution that creates products that sell. We offer our customers products specifically tailored to meet the target market and our customer needs.As we partner together with you towards continuous improvement, we work to ensure your highest level of satisfaction for your continued success. Our state of the art processing facility operates efficiently at any scale. This eliminates any scale requirements and enables us to get the job done for sole proprietors and for large businesses a like. Of course we do all of these in the most cost efficient manner possible.

Our experience and customer dedication have enabled us to rapidly develop and sell premium products in various packaging without sacrificing quality. Our contract manufacturing services offer custom product formulation, R&D, test marketing, full-scale production and packaging.


Imagination is the ultimate knowledge but everything successful starts with the accurate research and competent development.

Just Do It

At TI, we not only manage, but also have a staffed R&D department to aid in product development needs. Whether you are a sole proprietor, small store, or expansive enterprise, we have the experience and the resources to deliver a variety of private label options.  Our professional associates from custom product formulation teams perform meticulous processes in data collection, product research, and product development that includes copyrights, print, labeling and prototype. With them teamed up the Creative Artwork team is always motivated to help with all of the design and packaging solutions.